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Dracula - Personalized Novel Gift Book
Dracula - Personalized Novel Gift Book
Dracula - Personalized Novel Gift Book
Dracula - Personalized Novel Gift Book

Dracula - Personalized Novel Gift Book

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Dracula Personalized Novel Gift Book. Bram Stoker’s classic, adapted to include the names of loved ones in a first edition style cover.

The epitome of gothic horror is adapted to include your choice of names. Bram Stokers tale of vampires pre-dates Twilight and is definitely more chilling.

The novel tells of how Dracula attempts to move from Transylvania to England and how a handful of courageous characters battle against this. Keeping true to the authentic publication, your personalized classic has a cover that has been specifically designed to replicate a first edition novel.

Not only can your person of choice star as Dracula, but these other characters can be adapted to a name of your choice. Jonathan Harker, Dracula’s solicitor and prisoner; Abraham Van Helsing, summoned to help a dying Lucy, Van Helsing has experience with hunting vampires; Mina Murray, Harker’s fiancée and best friend of Lucy; Lucy Westenra, a pretty young aristocrat with many suitors who is doomed to become a victim of Dracula’s evil curse; and Dr. John Seward, an old student of Van Helsing’s and a suitor of Lucy’s. 

Please be aware that only first names of the characters are amended and they will keep their original gender throughout the story.

Your text will be printed exactly as you have entered it, so please double check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation.

Not all accents and symbols can be printed. Hard Cover or Softcover Available.

Names Need
Count Dracula
Abraham Van Helsing
Jonathon Harker
Mina Murray
Lucy Westenra
Dr John Seward

Plus a short a short 2 line message and we will create this amazing personalized novel of Dracula.

Send me an email with details or put in notes at check out.
With an un-personalized cover the recipient will be surprised to find their name in these personalized novels; which can include up to 6 names of friends and loved ones within the story.

Each Novel comes in a printed gift box.