Personalized Novel Frankenstein Gift Book
Personalized Novel Frankenstein Gift Book
Personalized Novel Frankenstein Gift Book

Personalized Novel Frankenstein Gift Book

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Mary Shelley’s classic, adapted to include the names of loved ones in a first edition style cover.

A friend or loved one can become the eccentric Doctor Victor Frankenstein and try to play god in the creation of his Monster. The horror story by Mary Shelley stands the test of time but with this personalized edition is given a modern twist, by adding your own names into the text. 

The Gothic novel is told in the form of letters after Victor is pulled aboard Captain Robert Walton’s ship on an arctic expedition. Victor recaps his story and how he came to be there. Other characters that can be personalized are: 

The Monster, Frankenstein’s creation, who’s loneliness means he is in constant pain; Captain Robert Walton, who’s letters relay Victors unusual story; Henry Clerval, Victor’s childhood friend; Elizabeth Lavenza, the love of Victor’s life; and William Frankenstein, the brother of Victor who is tragically murdered. Keeping true to the authentic publication, your personalized classic has a cover that has been specifically designed to replicate a first edition novel. 

Please be aware that only first names of the characters are amended and they will keep their original gender throughout the story.

Hard Cover or Softcover Available.

Names Needed to Complete Your Original Novel,
Victor Frankenstein
The Monster
Captain Robert Walton
Henry Clerval
Elizabeth Lavenza
William Frankenstein

Plus a short a short 2 line message and we will create this amazing personalized novel gift

Send me an email with details or put in notes at check out.
With an un-personalized cover the recipient will be surprised to find their name in these personalized novels; which can include up to 6 names of friends and loved ones within the story.

Each Novel comes in a printed gift box.

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