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Gemini Personalized Zodiac Award Certificate

Gemini Personalized Zodiac Award Certificate

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Gemini Zodiac Astrology Star Sign Personalized Gift - Certified Gemini Digital Award

Digital eGift -* This is a digital Jpeg - No hard copy is sent.

Easy to email, print out and frame.

A gift deserve a smart and stylish certificate to add a bit of glamour to the proceedings, which we've provided.

We've got a certificate awards for each and every astrological sign, so you could have a lot of fun giving these to family, friends and co-workers

We did a bit of research and came up with some of the strongest characteristics of those born under the sign

Digital Jpeg Only - No hard copy is sent. Easy to Print or email.

*All I will need to complete this great gift is the full name and the birth-date as well as the giver's name and relationship. Please email message me once you place your order.

Give a great memorable digital gift. Each award will be sent within 24 hours of receiving your details.

PERSONALIZED Scrolls, Awards, Certificates or Greeting which can be printed or Emailed to give to friends and family!