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Personalized Puppy Pawprints Certificate
Personalized Puppy Pawprints Certificate

Personalized Puppy Pawprints Certificate

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Puppy Pawprints Certificate

Now here's a challenge for you, and this is probably our only certificate that will require two of you to complete successfully. We love this certificate as, even faster than children, that little bundle of fluff we brought home will soon be rampaging around the house and you will be left wondering what happened to the cute puppy you once owned. With a set of your canine companion's puppy paw prints framed on the wall, you can look at it and laugh at just how small they used to be.

Then this is where you need two people, as you get dipping your pup's paws in the paint, and then make sure they are spotlessly clean afterwards, for obvious reasons! Oh, and before we forget, only use 100% safe water-based child-friendly paint.

Go on, have some fun and make yours or someones dog's day!

Each Award Certificate is personalized with the details of the best Dog including photo.

Dog's Name
Date of Birth
Dog Owners Name(s)

Digital eGift -* This is a digital Jpeg - No hard copy is sent.

Easy to email, print out and or frame.

Give a great memorable digital gift. Each award will be sent within 24 hours of receiving your details.

PERSONALIZED Scrolls, Awards, Certificates or Greeting which can be printed or Emailed to give to friends and family!