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The Birthday News eGift
The Birthday News eGift
The Birthday News eGift

The Birthday News eGift

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Personalized newspaper that reveals interesting information about the year you were born, or any date between January 1st 1900 and December 31st 2016. Digital PDF eGift.

Each page contains news from Around The World, This Day In History, World Series, Literary Contributions, National Price Averages, The Year in Music, The Academy Awards and Other News.

Includes these events:

- This Year's Top World Headlines
- President Notes Birth (US Edition only)
- International Edition includes Astrological Facts
- National Price Averages
- Academy Awards
- Literary Contributions
- Celebrities Sharing Birthday
- The Year In Music
- The World Series
- This Day In History
- Zodiac sign and short description
- Optional Quote of the Day.
- Optional photo.


- Choose from US or International
- Choose any date from January 1st 1900 to December 31st 2017.
- Create a custom newspaper name, or use default (The Birthday Examiner)
the Birthday Journal, the Birthday News, the Birthday Times, the Birthday Post
- Option add your photo in place of celebrity birthdays.
- Optionally print a Quote of the Day in place of Birth Sign.
- Add a 3 line line short personal message to bottom of page.

Makes a fun and great gift. This Fun Digital Gift is computer generated so custom features are limited

* This is a digital PDF - No hard copy is sent.

Easy to email or print out.

Please answer the features above you would like and send them to me by separate message or at check out.